Hair Removal Treatments

Struggling to remove unwanted hair? Shaving is not really a good option because it causes ingrown hairs and makes the hair thicker!

There are better methods of hair removal you can use to make your skin look clean and smooth. Choose from our range of hair removal  treatments and rest assured as our therapists have the best techniques in delivering you a pain free treatment.

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Threading uses a cotton or polyester thread that is doubled and twisted and then rolled over areas to remove unwanted hair. The benefit of threading that most sets it apart from other hair removal techniques is its precision. Unlike tweezing, threading does not create ingrown hairs and is safer for all skin types.

Full Face Threading – 
Eyebrow Threading – 
Middle Brow Threading – 
Upper Lip Threading – 
Chin Threading – 
Eyebrow & Upper Lip Threading – 
Eyebrow Threading & Eyebrow Tint – 

Lycon wax

Lycon is essential oil based wax, perfect for sensitive skin. The most painless wax you will ever experience. This wax can remove hair as short as 1mm.
Perfect for intimate waxing.

Full Leg & Hollywood/Brazilian Lycon – 
Full Leg & Extended Bikini – 
Full Leg & Bikini – 
Half Leg & Hollywood/Brazilian Lycon – 
Hollywood/ Brazilian Lycon Wax – 
Extended Bikini Lycon Wax – 
Bikini Lycon Wax – 
Buttocks Cheeks – 
Lower Back Lycon Wax – 
Half Leg & Underarm Lycon – 
Underarm Lycon Wax – 
Navel Line Lycon Wax – 
Chin & Jaw line Lycon Wax – 
Chin Lycon – 
Sides of Face Lycon Wax (from) – 
Upper Lip & Chin Lycon Wax – 
Upper Lip Lycon Wax s – 
Eyebrow Shape Lycon Wax – 
Middle brow Lycon Wax – 
Patch Lycon Wax – 

Strip Wax

Fast and effective – Your skin will be smooth and hair free!

Full Leg & Hollywood/Brazilian Strip Wax – 
Full Leg & Extended Bikini Strip Wax – 
Full Leg & Bikini Strip Wax – 
Full Leg Wax Strip Wax – 
Thigh & Bikini Strip Wax – 
Thigh – Strip Wax – 
3/4 Leg Strip Wax – 
Half leg Strip Wax – 
Hollywood/ Brazilian Strip Wax- 
Extended Bikini Strip Wax – 
Bikini Line Strip Wax – 
Buttocks Cheeks Strip wax – 
Lower Back Strip Wax – 
Stomach Strip Wax – 
Navel Line Strip Wax – 
Full Arm Strip Wax – 
Half Arm Strip Wax – 
Under arm Strip Wax – 
Upper Lip & Chin Strip Wax – 
Sides Of Face Strip Wax – From 
Eyebrow Shape Strip Wax –  Middle Brow Strip Wax – 
Upper Lip Strip Wax – 
Chin Wax Strip Wax – 

Mens Waxing

Chest Wax – 
Back Wax – 
Back & Shoulder Wax – 
Lower Back Wax – 
Stomach Wax – 
Eyebrow Shape Wax – 
Middle Brow Wax – 


For years, Dermalogica’s formulas have pioneered new standards for product performance. Using only the finest ingredients available,


For years, Dermalogica’s formulas have pioneered new standards for product performance. Using only the finest ingredients available, all Dermalocica products.



A Combination of specially chosen powerful aromatherapy oils absorbed into the bloodstream can intensify your massage.

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